Oklahoma Lawmakers, Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes Come to a Conclusion Regarding Online Gambling

The Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes have been in conflict with the Oklahoma lawmakers, insisting on the fact that their online casinos are according to law. The tribes and the state of Oklahoma share the same gambling regulating system, authorities saying that if the tribes would like to keep their casino or open an online casino, they would have to operate it from outside the United States, but would still have to pay fees to Oklahoma.

Internet gaming and betting is forbidden in Oklahoma, so any gambling sites are not allowed inside the state. After long discussions, Steve Mullins, general counsel, explained that the Oklahoma regulators will probably get to an agreement which will let Cheyenne and Arapaho operate their casinos sites at an international level, but the current site will be shut down. It is expected that the tribes will come out with a new similar product, but players will not be residents of Oklahoma.

Legislators say that internet gambling is still not proper in the state and that they will not allow online gaming and betting in Oklahoma in the near future, stating that the tribes’ online gaming site was confusing businessmen who had the intention to open online casinos within the territory of the state. This article was provided by CasinoWebScripts.


Californian Must Face Up To 360 Years in Prison Because Of Casino Frauds

De Rong Shang, a Southern California resident, was convicted to no less than 360 years of jail time and $4.5 million in fines, for using a credit scheme which helped him peculate more than $1 million from several casinos in Las Vegas. The scheme that he used involved recruiting conspirators whose jobs were to open certain bank accounts which were financed by Shang. Once the accounts were ready to use, the conspirators who were recruited would transfer certain sums of money from their accounts to Shang’s.

These accomplices would also steal casino chips, using a scheme which involved making it seem like they are losing money while playing baccarat, while actually they were just hiding chips and then giving them to other people which were recruited by Shang, which of course was the last one who was going to benefit from cashing the chips. Also, when the scammed casinos would have wanted to collect the stolen chips which were already cashed, the empty accounts would have already been closed.

Authorities stated that Shang’s principal accomplice was Yuli Eaton, who helped Shang to recruit different citizens which would open accounts on behalf of the Californian and who pleaded guilty in front of the FBI. The information in this article was provided by CasinoWebScripts, a professional company which offers complete casino software solutions with no monthly fees.

New Jersey Legalization of Online Gambling Could Affect Land Casinos

New Jersey lawmakers legalized online gaming and betting with the purpose of stabilizing property tax base in Atlantic City. Some evaluators say that this might influence gamblers to place bets from the comfort of their own homes, making land-based casinos less profitable than before. This comes as good news for companies that offer online casino software for sale, because of the fact that under the new online gambling law, many entrepreneurs from Atlantic City who want to open an online casino business will finally be able to host their gambling sites within New Jersey’s servers.

Even though online gambling is expected to do very well in New Jersey, some are worried that land-based casinos might take a hit and less visitors are going to come over to play live games of slot games in casino establishments. This would probably reduce the tourism rate, which is already getting smaller and smaller since 2005. Moody’s Investors Service claimed that this situation appeared due to the fact that New Jersey has other economic problems, like high gas prices, a whopping unemployment rate, which has reached 9.3 percent in the last month, a slow economic rehabilitation and pressure from other states who are initiating regulating systems referring to the gambling business. 

A new bill was passed by the Senate of Maryland

A new bill was passed by the Senate of Maryland which presented the fact that ex-offenders should be able to work once again in land casinos in this certain US state. The bill was passed by all legislators who had to give their opinion, none of them voting against it. The bill is expected to become law after it will be signed by Governor Martin O’Malley.

Before this bill was signed, offenders were not allowed to get a license to work at Maryland casinos after committing frauds. After the bill is going to pass into law, only ex-offenders who were convicted for these kinds of frauds in the last seven years will not be in accordance with the requests of the new legislation. This way, Maryland’s regulating system regarding starting land based casinosand their employees will be one of the most allowing US states which have such kind of legislations, Delaware banning ex-offenders for 10 years and West Virginia banning them forever from performing any kind of casino-related activity.

This regulation will be on behalf of ex-workers who are convicted of illicit operations which involve gambling or moral turpitude, which is explained as an illegal action that is considered contrary to general standards of justice or good morals, though not having a precise definition. This article was offered by CasinoWebScripts.

Regulators in Kansas not succeeding in Criminalizing Online Gambling

Last Tuesday, Kansas lawmakers tried to illegalize online gambling, while stating that citizens who would place online bets will be charged with penalties up to $1k and even put in jail for a period up to six months. The amendment has not really been taken in consideration, due to the fact that the legislators were more worried about disallowing slot games at racetracks.

This bill was supposed to be signed for the purpose of lowering the boundaries of creating a new casino in the southern part of Kansas and would have banned slots from being placed on racetracks until 2032. The bill was not passed, being signed by only 15 out of 39 voters.

Racetracks owners fought against this bill, saying that horse racing and dog racing has not been such a profitable business in the last few years, in a world where the entertainment industry is offering many other more exciting and alluring activities. This is why slot machines would have been a way out for the racetracks’ owners, even though they are not actually operating most of the time. Because of that, gambling opponents agreed that it is not the time yet to confiscate slot machines from racetracks, stating that they don’t really have a negative impact on residents. This article has been provided by CasinoWebScripts, a software development company from where you can buy a wide variety of slot games.


Romania Lawmakers Putting in Place Online Gambling Regulating System

Romanian regulators are trying to put in place a new authority, which will be called the National Gambling Office, with the purpose of regulating online gaming and betting in the European country. This comes as really good news for Romanians who want to buy casino scripts to open online casinos, taking in account that until now, even though Romania had somewhat of an online gambling regulating system, it did not have any authority which purposes would have been to monitor the evolution of this industry, making the gambling legislation almost useless.

Even so, it’s not enough for Romanian regulators to install a new government body, because of the fact that the EU Commission has seen some strange provisions which appeared in the legislation. Other issues, presented by the European Commission regarding the Romanian legislation, showed that EU online gaming and betting companies must be land-based in Romania and only these types of business owners could be granted online gambling licenses.

Even though some provisions have suffered modifications to be in accordance with the European Commission’s requests, it’s questionable what will happen with the other ones that have not been taken in discussion yet. The NGO will meet on April 15 and after that, gambling operators are going to have the opportunity to obtain gambling licenses to open online casinos. The information in this article was provided by CasinoWebScripts, an online casino software provider from where customers can buy casino scripts to open their own online casino.  

Beijing against Macau’s Economic Diversity

The Cotai region of Macau is known as the Las Vegas of China, the biggest gambling group boasting increases of 25 percent this month. Critics say that even though Macau’s casinos are thriving at this moment, 10 years from now they will probably have to stand up to new regulating systems like Taiwan, which is currently taking measures to legalize a land casino resort in one of their islands.

Other lawmakers are stating that they are on their way to signing legislations regarding opening casinos in a new cruise liner, this way making floating casinos legal. Besides all of this, the Cotai Strip of Macau is threatened by Beijing authorities who said they might not support Macau’s economy relying on the gambling industry and that the source of revenues should be more diversified. Some of them said that they will probably not support Macau and the authorities will encourage entrepreneurs to open more casinos in other provinces, like Hainan.

Hainan is a Chinese province, which already has many resorts and that could become the ideal place for middle-class gamblers, due to the fact that it already has all the right conditions of attracting these types of players, leaving Macau with the high rollers. This article was provided by CasinoWebScripts, a gaming software provider which offers flash casino games.