Dallas Chairman Wants to Expand Gambling

Member of Senate John Carona brought forward a proposal which refers to establishing a committee which will license no less than 21 gambling establishments, including starting land-based casinos. Carona claimed that by opening these casinos, more than 75,000 new jobs will become available for the citizens and also they will visit the new casinos and spend their money there, without having to cross the borders to get access to land-based casinos.

Dallas residents are currently spending no less than $3 billion in casinos outside of Texas. The commission is most probably going to pass this proposal into law, Carona claiming that the two Senate chambers are only a few votes away from signing the bill, because of the fact that this proposal is considered risky for the society.

According to CasinoWebScriptsÈ› writers, if this bill passes into law, three new casinos are going to get a license in several counties, three are going to be open by the Native American tribes and other twelve establishments are going to host racetracks. Chairman Jim Pitts claimed that the chances of starting land-based casinos in the state are very low, as it has been tried before with no support from the other lawmakers.


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