Australia Wants to Set Online Gambling Deposit Limits

Australian lawmakers are trying to bring in a gambling law which will force online gamblers to set the limits of their deposits from the start. Besides that, the regulators want to set some rules regarding the lines of credit provided by the internet casino owners. This new regulation comes due to the fact that the Australia government wants to minimize the negative effects of online gambling and to increase customer protection.

Stephen Conroy, the Communications Minister, stated that because the number of online gamblers in Australia increases significantly ever year, consumer protection must be taken very seriously by all those who own an online casino-related business. The report made by the government resulted in new recommendations like approving licenses of online gaming and betting sites in Australia overseas, only if the new regulation tasks regarding harm minimization will be accomplished.

For those who would want to know where and how to start an online casino website, Australia would really be considered of the best locations, as no less than 80% of the total adult population of Australia plays various kinds of gambling games, the industry generating almost $16 billion in 2008-2009. CasinoWebScripts can provide their clients with advice on how to start an online casino website which will increase their revenues substantially.


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