Some Facts About the Gaming and Betting Industry in Ireland

The gambling industry is considered one of the most profitable entertainment businesses in Ireland. For those who ask themselves where or how to start an online casino website, this country is one that should be worth looking at. Irish residents gamble more than €5billion every year, while more than 2% of the adult population in the country is playing gambling games online on a regular basis.

Another reason to start an online gambling site in Ireland in that the industry has been regulated in the Emerald Isle since 2001, despite of the fact that land-based casinos are not legal in the country, making online gambling sites very popular amongst the residents. A study shows that the most popular gambling game in Ireland is poker, followed by bingo, which is played by no less than 44% of the adults.

There is no doubt that online gambling in Ireland is going to continue its development, many stating that it will be worth more than €7.5 billion by the start of 2020 and that it will bring a lot of benefits for those who own online gambling sites. For those who want to find out how to open an online casino, is a site worth looking at, as it offers a wide variety of information and especially a wide range of games, including Irish-themed poker and online scratch cards.


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