Oklahoma and Tribes Coming Down to a Conclusion

Last week, nobody was sure what was going to happen with the online casinos that Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes owned, considering that online gambling is still considered illegal in Oklahoma. The tribes and Oklahoma lawmakers finally came to a conclusion, after many discussions involving whether the tribes should keep their casino or not.

State officials made the decision to close the online gambling site, instead allowing the tribes to open their online casino outside the boundaries of the United States, still having to pay fees to the state of Oklahoma. Last Friday, general counsel Steve Mullins stated that because of the fact that Cheyenne and Arapaho share the same gambling regulation system with the US state, they will not be allowed to operate gambling sites which are designed for Oklahoma residents.

Mullins also stated that it was easy to cooperate with the tribes’ representatives, due to the fact that they showed up at court and helped in taking the right decision. Cheyenne and Arapaho legislators seemed to have taken in the new legislation, Lisa Liebl, spokeswoman for the tribes saying that they are about to bring the new product to the international online gaming and betting market, opening a new and exciting online casino.


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