Oklahoma Lawmakers, Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes Come to a Conclusion Regarding Online Gambling

The Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes have been in conflict with the Oklahoma lawmakers, insisting on the fact that their online casinos are according to law. The tribes and the state of Oklahoma share the same gambling regulating system, authorities saying that if the tribes would like to keep their casino or open an online casino, they would have to operate it from outside the United States, but would still have to pay fees to Oklahoma.

Internet gaming and betting is forbidden in Oklahoma, so any gambling sites are not allowed inside the state. After long discussions, Steve Mullins, general counsel, explained that the Oklahoma regulators will probably get to an agreement which will let Cheyenne and Arapaho operate their casinos sites at an international level, but the current site will be shut down. It is expected that the tribes will come out with a new similar product, but players will not be residents of Oklahoma.

Legislators say that internet gambling is still not proper in the state and that they will not allow online gaming and betting in Oklahoma in the near future, stating that the tribes’ online gaming site was confusing businessmen who had the intention to open online casinos within the territory of the state. This article was provided by CasinoWebScripts.


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