New Jersey Still in Conflict with PASPA

New Jersey sports betting business owners are having trouble continuing their activities, due to the fact that the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act implementers will most probably be against all sports betting establishments in the US state. This act is a federal law which does not allow sports betting in already four US states, while New Jersey is looking forward to amending some of its provisions, by making sports bets legal in the state.

This action in most probably going to make Atlantic City’s gambling revenues rise considerably, taking in account that land-based casinos are having financial problems at this time. Even though New Jersey legislators did their best to put the bill into law, national sports leagues where against it and so the appeal will be scheduled for the end of the month.

The action regarding New Jersey’s contestation will start on April 29 and most probably the answer will be given by the end of May, after the state lawmakers are going to come to a conclusion. Governor Chris Christie also stated that if New Jersey’s appeal regarding to sports betting is going to be a failure, he will take this problem to the US Supreme Court. Sports leagues members also claimed that they are going to contest the new law, saying that this might influence other US states to be against the PASPA. CasinoWebScripts is responsible for this article. CasinoWebScripts reviews have claimed that they are a professional gaming software provider which offers a wide range of top quality gambling games.


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