Californian Must Face Up To 360 Years in Prison Because Of Casino Frauds

De Rong Shang, a Southern California resident, was convicted to no less than 360 years of jail time and $4.5 million in fines, for using a credit scheme which helped him peculate more than $1 million from several casinos in Las Vegas. The scheme that he used involved recruiting conspirators whose jobs were to open certain bank accounts which were financed by Shang. Once the accounts were ready to use, the conspirators who were recruited would transfer certain sums of money from their accounts to Shang’s.

These accomplices would also steal casino chips, using a scheme which involved making it seem like they are losing money while playing baccarat, while actually they were just hiding chips and then giving them to other people which were recruited by Shang, which of course was the last one who was going to benefit from cashing the chips. Also, when the scammed casinos would have wanted to collect the stolen chips which were already cashed, the empty accounts would have already been closed.

Authorities stated that Shang’s principal accomplice was Yuli Eaton, who helped Shang to recruit different citizens which would open accounts on behalf of the Californian and who pleaded guilty in front of the FBI. The information in this article was provided by CasinoWebScripts, a professional company which offers complete casino software solutions with no monthly fees.


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