Slot Machines Confiscated From a Bar in Illinois, Owner Gets Arrested

Even though lawmakers decided last October that in Illinois, owning gambling machines is a legal activity at this moment, some of the business owners who decide to buy slot games for their bars or cafes are having trouble by not having the required licenses for these types of games.

This is the case of a bar owner in the community of Heyworth, which got arrested for owning several gambling machines, even though gambling in bars, cafes or clubs in Illinois became legal last year. The authorities pressed charges on the business owner, this being the first case of this type in the largest county in Illinois, McLean County. The bar owner, David  Rehker, is not in jail at this moment, but his machines were confiscated by the authorities.

Even though video gaming and betting machines are legal since last autumn, business owners must keep in mind that it is important for them to obtain the necessary license and buy new slot games or other video gambling machines which are in accordance with the government’s laws regarding gambling-related activities. CasinoWebScripts, a professional casino software development company, can advise their clients in buying the most suitable slot games and also many other types of flash games suitable for an online gambling site.


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