Romania Lawmakers Putting in Place Online Gambling Regulating System

Romanian regulators are trying to put in place a new authority, which will be called the National Gambling Office, with the purpose of regulating online gaming and betting in the European country. This comes as really good news for Romanians who want to buy casino scripts to open online casinos, taking in account that until now, even though Romania had somewhat of an online gambling regulating system, it did not have any authority which purposes would have been to monitor the evolution of this industry, making the gambling legislation almost useless.

Even so, it’s not enough for Romanian regulators to install a new government body, because of the fact that the EU Commission has seen some strange provisions which appeared in the legislation. Other issues, presented by the European Commission regarding the Romanian legislation, showed that EU online gaming and betting companies must be land-based in Romania and only these types of business owners could be granted online gambling licenses.

Even though some provisions have suffered modifications to be in accordance with the European Commission’s requests, it’s questionable what will happen with the other ones that have not been taken in discussion yet. The NGO will meet on April 15 and after that, gambling operators are going to have the opportunity to obtain gambling licenses to open online casinos. The information in this article was provided by CasinoWebScripts, an online casino software provider from where customers can buy casino scripts to open their own online casino.  


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