Regulators in Kansas not succeeding in Criminalizing Online Gambling

Last Tuesday, Kansas lawmakers tried to illegalize online gambling, while stating that citizens who would place online bets will be charged with penalties up to $1k and even put in jail for a period up to six months. The amendment has not really been taken in consideration, due to the fact that the legislators were more worried about disallowing slot games at racetracks.

This bill was supposed to be signed for the purpose of lowering the boundaries of creating a new casino in the southern part of Kansas and would have banned slots from being placed on racetracks until 2032. The bill was not passed, being signed by only 15 out of 39 voters.

Racetracks owners fought against this bill, saying that horse racing and dog racing has not been such a profitable business in the last few years, in a world where the entertainment industry is offering many other more exciting and alluring activities. This is why slot machines would have been a way out for the racetracks’ owners, even though they are not actually operating most of the time. Because of that, gambling opponents agreed that it is not the time yet to confiscate slot machines from racetracks, stating that they don’t really have a negative impact on residents. This article has been provided by CasinoWebScripts, a software development company from where you can buy a wide variety of slot games.



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