Online gambling in Spain boosts, counting 1M gamblers

Spain’s gaming legislator La Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego revealed in its report that in the fourth trimester of 2012, online gaming and betting business owners increased their revenues by a whopping €61.4m, 40 percent higher than in the third trimester, saying that the number of online gamblers has already reached 1 million.

Sports bets cover almost half of the total gaming and betting industry in Spain, claiming 48% of the total market, followed by online poker, which has brought more than €17m, representing 15% of the gambling industry in Spain. Online bingo has also gained a lot of popularity in the last few months, the gaming regulator stating that bingo puts its mark on 3.6% of the total market. Online slot developers should also be prepared for new regulations that might be coming, the Spanish market being ready to liberalize the industry by legalizing slots for online gambling operators.

It will be thrilling to watch what will happen to Spanish online gambling, considering that even though they hit 1M users, with over 100k gamblers monthly, after the first semester of 2012, the number of online gamblers decreased to less than 75k betters per month. This article was provided by CasinoWebScripts, a professional online slot development company.


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