New UK Online Gambling Regulations Troubles Operators

The information in this article was gathered by CasinoWebScripts’ writers. A new bill has been proposed in the United Kingdom by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, suggesting that UK online players are in need of more protection, most of UK residents that create online casinos and online gambling site owners being currently under the legislation of other states like Gibraltar or Malta, where the regulatory system is quite lenient.

This way, most of online gambling site operators are being exempted of the 15 percent tax commissioned by the UK government on licensed gaming and betting business owners. If the proposed bill is thrown in, online gambling operators will be forced to support taxes on all revenues coming from UK residents who access their gaming sites.

Besides that, operators are being threatened by the Place of Consumption Tax, which calls for a guaranteed UK license from all online gambling providers that offer gaming and betting services to UK citizens. Lawmakers in Gibraltar are complaining that the new regulation is defying the European Union agreement, which claims that member states are not in the position of creating a new legislation system for the scope of collecting taxes, and that the regulation must actually demonstrate that it is approved for helping the state fight against unlawful online gambling operations. CasinoWebScripts can help their clients open online casinos that are in accordance to their needs and budgets.


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