New Jersey May have a Couple Benefits compared to Nevada

When you set New Jersey and Nevada side by side and compare the two online gambling laws, both states have their pros and cons as illustrated by information gathered by “Casinowebscripts”. For the most part, Nevada seems like it would be the easier of the two to break into, but for some people New Jersey is clearly the more desirable option.

One reason that many companies won’t be dealing with Nevada is the bad actor clause. This clause forbids any casinos that were open after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act went into effect.

Another reason that New Jersey may be more preferable is that it has a much larger population which means that the casinos would get more visitors even if the state decided not to work with any other states.

However there are plenty of downsides, such as the tax rate that is more than double in New Jersey. There is also the issue that anyone running an online casino has to be based in Atlantic City. That could be a problem if the online gaming supplier was not able to get a piece of property in the area before opening the business. Many people will choose Nevada over New Jersey, but there will be some who go the other route instead because they don’t have a choice.


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