New Jersey Legalization of Online Gambling Could Affect Land Casinos

New Jersey lawmakers legalized online gaming and betting with the purpose of stabilizing property tax base in Atlantic City. Some evaluators say that this might influence gamblers to place bets from the comfort of their own homes, making land-based casinos less profitable than before. This comes as good news for companies that offer online casino software for sale, because of the fact that under the new online gambling law, many entrepreneurs from Atlantic City who want to open an online casino business will finally be able to host their gambling sites within New Jersey’s servers.

Even though online gambling is expected to do very well in New Jersey, some are worried that land-based casinos might take a hit and less visitors are going to come over to play live games of slot games in casino establishments. This would probably reduce the tourism rate, which is already getting smaller and smaller since 2005. Moody’s Investors Service claimed that this situation appeared due to the fact that New Jersey has other economic problems, like high gas prices, a whopping unemployment rate, which has reached 9.3 percent in the last month, a slow economic rehabilitation and pressure from other states who are initiating regulating systems referring to the gambling business. 


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