Kansas Lawmakers Show No Interest in Making Online Gambling Legal

Several US senators voted against legalizing online gambling in the state of Kansas and showed signs that the situation will not change any time soon, even though all around the US many lawmakers are headed towards signing bills and creating new legislations so that internet gaming and betting will be legal in the nearest future.

Kansas senators voted against this bill in favor of another one which claimed that a new land based casino owned by the state will be opened sometime this year. Lawmakers voted last Tuesday and only 11 of 37 senators agreed on passing the bill. Jake LaTurner, who is a Pittsburg Republican, is the one who wants to retain gamblers in Kansas from making any more bets or playing any gambling games online.

Kansas senators seem to be taking the example of Washington lawmakers, who signed bills which are currently not in favor of players and are taking harsh measures to keep them against playing online gambling games. The requirements in the bill regarding the land based casino are also not so easy to fulfill, as lawmakers are asking the highest bidder to invest in this casino more than $200 million, which is not such a realistic task and it probably should be highly reduced.



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