Illinois on Its Way to Legalizing Online Gambling

Governor Pat Quinn is taking the proposal of expanding gaming and betting in the state of Illinois very seriously. Lawmakers hope that this time, the governor will assume that all the new proposal ideas will just be his cup of tea and might actually make the Governor make up his mind about legalizing this fruitful industry. The last proposal which was taken in consideration by the Governor, regarding the gambling business, included opening five gambling establishments and bringing thousands of new slots, including the ones at airports, but also allowing Illinois citizens to play casino games via internet.

This comes as good news for casino software providers and for gambling enthusiasts who want to buy online casino software. The Governor showed signs that he might open up to legalizing online gambling and mentioned this idea in his last speech regarding the budget for this month.

Senator Terry Link, who is one of the lead sponsors of the legislation, also admitted that they are getting closer than ever to signing the bill, especially due to the fact that they are fulfilling almost every one of the Governor’s requests regarding the acceptance of this bill.  The information in this article was gathered by CasinoWebScripts. They are a company can advise you in buying casino software in accordance with your needs.


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