New Jersey Residents Gamble during Thanksgiving

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) revealed that during Thanksgiving Day, eligible residents had opened no less than 5,000 accounts at the online casinos that started running earlier this week. The regulatory authority allowed the development of six online casinos, all of them hosted by land-based gambling operators. The brick-and-mortar casinos which proved to comply with DGE’s requests were the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, the Tropicana Casino and Resort, Bally’s Atlantic City, Caesars Atlantic City and the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. Up to now, only one land based operator decided to wait one more week before making its appearance on the gambling scene, namely the Golden Nugget Atlantic City. This casino has not yet managed to solve all its system problems, but is expected to go live online in the near term. DGE spokespeople said that since New Jersey started its testing period on November 21, 32,277 online casino accounts have been opened. This is not necessarily the number of residents who registered, since some gamblers opened accounts at several internet gambling sites. It seems like since the five day trial period ended, New Jersey online casinos are starting to see impressive results, which will most surely lead to a more extensive development of the gambling industry in the years to come, and of course more solutions for New Jersey operators who would seek to buy casino software and start online casinos.


Dallas Chairman Wants to Expand Gambling

Member of Senate John Carona brought forward a proposal which refers to establishing a committee which will license no less than 21 gambling establishments, including starting land-based casinos. Carona claimed that by opening these casinos, more than 75,000 new jobs will become available for the citizens and also they will visit the new casinos and spend their money there, without having to cross the borders to get access to land-based casinos.

Dallas residents are currently spending no less than $3 billion in casinos outside of Texas. The commission is most probably going to pass this proposal into law, Carona claiming that the two Senate chambers are only a few votes away from signing the bill, because of the fact that this proposal is considered risky for the society.

According to CasinoWebScriptsț writers, if this bill passes into law, three new casinos are going to get a license in several counties, three are going to be open by the Native American tribes and other twelve establishments are going to host racetracks. Chairman Jim Pitts claimed that the chances of starting land-based casinos in the state are very low, as it has been tried before with no support from the other lawmakers.

Australia Wants to Set Online Gambling Deposit Limits

Australian lawmakers are trying to bring in a gambling law which will force online gamblers to set the limits of their deposits from the start. Besides that, the regulators want to set some rules regarding the lines of credit provided by the internet casino owners. This new regulation comes due to the fact that the Australia government wants to minimize the negative effects of online gambling and to increase customer protection.

Stephen Conroy, the Communications Minister, stated that because the number of online gamblers in Australia increases significantly ever year, consumer protection must be taken very seriously by all those who own an online casino-related business. The report made by the government resulted in new recommendations like approving licenses of online gaming and betting sites in Australia overseas, only if the new regulation tasks regarding harm minimization will be accomplished.

For those who would want to know where and how to start an online casino website, Australia would really be considered of the best locations, as no less than 80% of the total adult population of Australia plays various kinds of gambling games, the industry generating almost $16 billion in 2008-2009. CasinoWebScripts can provide their clients with advice on how to start an online casino website which will increase their revenues substantially.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Authorize Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes to open real-money casino

In the last few weeks, there were many discussions regarding if the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes are going to keep their online casinos open. Oklahoma lawmakers finally came to the conclusion that they will allow the group to open a real-money online casino at an international level, their products being offered to players which are not residents of the state of Oklahoma.

The tribes are still going to pay 20% of their revenues to the US state, hoping that they will get a part of the $30 billion that are gambled online every year. Governor Mary Fallin expressed the idea that this settlement is going to allow the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes to offer their products to the international market.

Brian Foster, member of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association stated that he is looking forward to watching the new product offered by the tribes develop and that this is an important step which will bring Oklahoma a part of the revenues that it is in need of, stating that this partnership between Oklahoma legislators and the two tribes is going to provide economic growth and numerous benefits to all the citizens of the US state. Operators who would like to buy games for online casinos should consider taking a look at, a professional online casino software provider.

Some Facts About the Gaming and Betting Industry in Ireland

The gambling industry is considered one of the most profitable entertainment businesses in Ireland. For those who ask themselves where or how to start an online casino website, this country is one that should be worth looking at. Irish residents gamble more than €5billion every year, while more than 2% of the adult population in the country is playing gambling games online on a regular basis.

Another reason to start an online gambling site in Ireland in that the industry has been regulated in the Emerald Isle since 2001, despite of the fact that land-based casinos are not legal in the country, making online gambling sites very popular amongst the residents. A study shows that the most popular gambling game in Ireland is poker, followed by bingo, which is played by no less than 44% of the adults.

There is no doubt that online gambling in Ireland is going to continue its development, many stating that it will be worth more than €7.5 billion by the start of 2020 and that it will bring a lot of benefits for those who own online gambling sites. For those who want to find out how to open an online casino, is a site worth looking at, as it offers a wide variety of information and especially a wide range of games, including Irish-themed poker and online scratch cards.

Oklahoma and Tribes Coming Down to a Conclusion

Last week, nobody was sure what was going to happen with the online casinos that Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes owned, considering that online gambling is still considered illegal in Oklahoma. The tribes and Oklahoma lawmakers finally came to a conclusion, after many discussions involving whether the tribes should keep their casino or not.

State officials made the decision to close the online gambling site, instead allowing the tribes to open their online casino outside the boundaries of the United States, still having to pay fees to the state of Oklahoma. Last Friday, general counsel Steve Mullins stated that because of the fact that Cheyenne and Arapaho share the same gambling regulation system with the US state, they will not be allowed to operate gambling sites which are designed for Oklahoma residents.

Mullins also stated that it was easy to cooperate with the tribes’ representatives, due to the fact that they showed up at court and helped in taking the right decision. Cheyenne and Arapaho legislators seemed to have taken in the new legislation, Lisa Liebl, spokeswoman for the tribes saying that they are about to bring the new product to the international online gaming and betting market, opening a new and exciting online casino.

New Jersey Still in Conflict with PASPA

New Jersey sports betting business owners are having trouble continuing their activities, due to the fact that the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act implementers will most probably be against all sports betting establishments in the US state. This act is a federal law which does not allow sports betting in already four US states, while New Jersey is looking forward to amending some of its provisions, by making sports bets legal in the state.

This action in most probably going to make Atlantic City’s gambling revenues rise considerably, taking in account that land-based casinos are having financial problems at this time. Even though New Jersey legislators did their best to put the bill into law, national sports leagues where against it and so the appeal will be scheduled for the end of the month.

The action regarding New Jersey’s contestation will start on April 29 and most probably the answer will be given by the end of May, after the state lawmakers are going to come to a conclusion. Governor Chris Christie also stated that if New Jersey’s appeal regarding to sports betting is going to be a failure, he will take this problem to the US Supreme Court. Sports leagues members also claimed that they are going to contest the new law, saying that this might influence other US states to be against the PASPA. CasinoWebScripts is responsible for this article. CasinoWebScripts reviews have claimed that they are a professional gaming software provider which offers a wide range of top quality gambling games.